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Finding Happiness

Hitting 155 pounds and eating out every day, spending a lot of money on food to
make me happy or feel less stressed was not doing anything good for my life. The
thought of being a vegan was completely impossible! I am a foodie… I dream,
talk, and live for my next amazing meal. My biggest supporter and most amazing
boyfriend mentioned to me about becoming a vegan to lose weight. It helped
him when he tried it in the past to feel better and lose weight at the same time,
so I thought I would give it a try. He gave me a good resource to start with and
that was Ray Cronise. His plant-based meals have helped me transition into
becoming a vegan quite easily, which I thought I would not be able to do. We cut
out drinking any alcohol, eating between certain hours of the day ex: 1-9, and
eating vegan. So far, we are well on our way to being at our target weights,
meaning we will have lost a combined 65 pounds. Our goal is not entirely about a
number, but just living healthy. And we are living our best lives! We want to
show everyone how we did it and how you can too. If you are tired of going
through the same routine of every weight loss diet, spending a ton of money on
weight loss trial products, and feeling guilty about the way you are eating
everyday then this is the right spot to be in. We will share what works for us and
what we are eating to stay healthy. It also makes it more fun to see your favorite
dishes turned vegan, yes, it is possible! So welcome to our journey.

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