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Being Vegan is Cheaper

So one thing that we have always heard that is a rumor, is that being a vegan cost so much more money, than if you aren’t. I can attest that this is completely false! Even though I do have a very high grocery bill, it comes down to the portions that we are used to eating, but it is still way cheaper than eating meat. I remember long ago when I first started dating my boyfriend, we would have decadent date night meals where one of us would cook something amazing. We had Nolan Ryan Prime Ribeye’s which along cost $50.00 and then to have all the side dishes that go along with it, that one meal ended up costing at least $85. One of my signature dishes that I love to make is crawfish etouffee. Getting the portions that we like to eat (which is A LOT) this one dish would cost about $100 also, and we could easily finish is off in just one meal.

Now that we have been eating vegan, it’s nice to not having to spend money on steaks, chicken, seafood, and fish. If you end up vegan, the best way to do it, is to just eat the vegetables and fruit, not buy all the processed vegan food. When you start trying to buy the fake meat’s like the beyond burger’s, beyond sausage, the vegan breakfast sausage patties your bill will definitely sky rocket. When we eat our plant based meals, we pick whatever food we are craving the most out of Chinese, Mexican, Indian, or Italian food, and make a dish using vegetables to make it taste just like if it weren’t vegan. Produce is really not expensive compared to meat, so the things you will spend extra on is just the sauces you will need or if you wanted a vegan cheese or sour cream alternative. We love a few of these that we can’t go without and that is the vegan cheese, vegan sour cream, vegan cream cheese, and the no dairy coffee creamer.

So if you want to eat great, feel great, look great, and spend less money once again the best way is to be a vegan! I still love every second of eating healthier and I feel so amazing I just look forward to each and every meal of what to try next.


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