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Best Vegan Cheese Options

One of the things that I knew would be the hardest things to give up was cheese! I crave it every so often, so I needed to figure out a way to be able to eat it. I ran across a plant-based alternative at Kroger which is the store I work at. They sell a plant-based cheese called Daiya. The first thing that we tried it on was vegan nachos. They came out so amazing. This cheese actually melts! There are some rumors that vegan cheese doesn’t melt, but this one definitely does. We also use it on our tostadas and veggie tacos when we make them. They have many varieties of cheese including: mozzarella, cheddar, and Monterey Jack.

We also made vegan pita pizza’s the other day and I wanted to try a different vegan cheese option, so we went for the Go Veggie shredded cheese. I found this brand at Target and at HEB. We used this on the pizza’s, we found that it didn’t melt as good as the Daiya but it tasted great on the pizza! Matt tried the Daiya on the pizza as well and found the Go Veggie was way better. You have to be careful with this cheese though, when you go to buy it make sure on the package it says plant-based. We bought the same brand a few weeks before and found it tasted just like real cheese and that was because it was made with milk.

I bought this other brand I did not get to try on anything that we have cooked yet,but it is called So Delicious. I also purchased this one at HEB. The package claims that it melts well and is perfect for pizza. I would say it definitely looks very appetizing, but I tried it on its own and it did not taste as good as the other two options. If I find that it is just as good I will re-write on here about how it tastes.

The best part about becoming a vegan is just trying out all the new stuff you have missed out on before. I never knew that they even had plant-based products in the grocery store, because I’ve never needed to look for them. They are everywhere and they are pretty amazing just like the real stuff.


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