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Best Vegan Mayo

I have been obsessed with mayo for forever. I love the stuff. I loved it on my broccoli, I love it on burgers, I love it on my sandwiches, hot dogs you name it. Matt came home one day and decided to make us some pickle mayonnaise sandwiches. He brought home a refrigerated brand of vegan mayo called Original Vegenaise, put it on 2 slices of our favorite Dave’s Killer Bread, added some sliced pickles with some raw red onion and some black pepper to go on top. OMG for real one of my favorite snacks now! The vegan mayo surprised me the most. It is creamy and delicious just like regular mayo and I can’t tell the difference between vegan and original. We normally get the Soy free green label of this mayo which is absolutely amazing. This time I got the other one to try. I do have a picture of this one. It is still good but doesn’t taste as good as the soy free option. The good thing about this mayo also, is that you can purchase it in almost every grocery store. So if you have just turned vegan and are looking for something to substitute the real stuff to vegan, this would not be a bad option. I have yet to try the other brands because this one is SO GOOD!

Have a great day!


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