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Rare Inappropriate

Do you ever get that super excited feeling about going out to your favorite restaurant, and you want to try something new and it let’s you down? I absolutely love eating out at restaurants. I loved it so much sometimes I would eat out 2 or 3 times a day. I never knew or realized how much this food actually contributed to how bad I felt the next day or even later that same day. Why is it so hard then to eat healthy? You would think that we would just feel so bad all the time the only option would be is to eat healthy.

My boyfriend told me while we were going through our vegan journey to lose weight we could still have “rare inappropriate” which is one bad/unhealthy (non-vegan) meal every 2 weeks. Instead of making this so-called cheat meal about the actual food, we make sure to make it about our family time. He always tells me we need to change the relationship we have with food and make it more about our time together. Food brings people together on every occasion, but let’s get together and have the food to go along with it, if that makes any sense. We get super excited about what we are going to eat for our rare inappropriate, we plan out what we are going to have for those two weeks, whatever we are craving for. Finally, it seems like the day has come, we have our unhealthy meal and then the feeling afterwards is not that great. I never realized how much eating bad food can make you feel so awful! I’ll never forget the way that I felt the whole next day after eating a pizza the night before. My body hurt so bad and I was so exhausted I thought I was coming down with COVID or some kind of virus, but what it really came down to was what I just ate. Even though I don’t like the way I feel after a cheat meal, I still look forward to the new experience I get to spend with my family. What new flavors can we try and how can we turn it vegan one day? Every day we learn and grow, one thing I can definitely say is eating vegan makes you feel amazing and look amazing and I’m not sure that I ever want to go back to the bad unhealthy days. SO, cheers to the new way of life!


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