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The Biggest Concern People Have About Eating Vegan

I get excited when I get to talk about eating healthy and eating vegan and how it has changed so much in my life. I find a lot of people have the same question when I am talking to them…. “How are you not hungry all the time?” My biggest problem before becoming vegan was not being able to stay full. I would be hungry ALL of the time. Always thinking about what I was going to eat next, or where I was going to go, or even how could I get something in my stomach fast enough because I just couldn’t wait any longer! I don’t have the facts about what it is, but I do know that when I am intermittent fasting along with being vegan, I am perfectly OK with only eating one big meal a day a snack or two and eating only plant based meals. The portions I eat are really huge, but there is no way that you can overeat when it comes to vegetables. Usually my day consists of having a morning cup of coffee which helps the morning hunger go away from the bitter coffee. Around 1pm I can have a snack if I’m feeling like I need something, so I usually go for some raw cashews with some black olives. Some days I go for a Go Macro protein bar which are vegan protein bars. Usually I’m at work so I’ll get off about 7pm go to pick up my daughter come home, and we have one of our easy delicious plant-based dinners and I’m full and ready to go another day.

We just got off of vacation and every single day we ate bad and drank along with it. Every day we enjoyed our inappropriate meals but did not feel our absolute best and we definitely gained over 5lbs just in one week. Today was the start of back to our normal eating which is being vegan, and it feels good to say that this is our new normal! The biggest and best moment that I have had this whole experience is just being able to feel amazing and look amazing and being proud of the changes I have made to better myself. I personally have lost 21 pounds this whole experience and I’m still going. I never thought this would be possible for me, especially just by eating right, but it is possible for anyone who wants to live this way. For sure if I can do it ANYONE can!


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