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My Favorite Tortillas and Bread

Something that we eat constantly with our vegan meals is bread and tortillas. I’m always trying to stay conscious of the foods that are actually vegan. Sometimes products hide the fact that they contain dairy. Even though most tortillas and bread are vegan I wanted to share my absolute favorites that we use almost every meal.

The first is the absolutely amazing Mission Tortillas. They have a new flavor Sun Dried Tomato and a whole wheat that is plant powered. These are seriously amazing tortillas we use them when we make our tostadas, tacos, vegan bbq pineapple cheese quesadillas, and even dipping into some salsa as a snack. The health benefits of these tortillas are they are high in fiber, good source of protein, low carbs, and zero sugar! All the great benefits of eating so good.

Another thing that we use very often, is Dave’s Killer Bread. This whole line of products are the best thing in the world! I used to only eat one type of bread and that was Nature’s Own and now I’m addicted to Dave’s Killer Bread. We usually get the 21 grains. This bread is not only amazing but way lower in calories, so it’s a win win!


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